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Ep 2 with Dr. David Cao

The Life of a Biotech Consultant with Dr. David Cao

About Dr. David Cao

"I am a biotech strategic advisor with over 15 years of experience in the industry, ranging from drug discovery, life-science-focused management consulting, pipeline commercial strategy at a big pharma, to portfolio strategy and management at startups. My PhD training combined with my MBA education enables me to bridge the gap between science and business and provide strategic guidance to biotech startups.

I founded Target2Drug BioAdvisory because I am passionate about helping biotech entrepreneurs turn cutting-edge science into life-changing medicines. Having helped grow two early-stage biotech startups, one in neuroscience and one in AI-enabled drug discovery, I know the challenges and opportunities that come with building a company from scratch. I leverage my expertise in target selection, market research, portfolio strategy, product development, and competitive intelligence to advise biotech startups on how to optimize their pipelines, secure partnerships, and achieve their corporate goals."

Dr. David Cao on the web

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